Family and biography


Father Mogilevkin Moses Abramovich (1900 Roslavl – 1983 Moscow), 
a graduate of the Smolensk Grammar School, and then the Moscow Bauman them. Bauman (1926), 
engineer stroitel.V in 1930 the chief engineer of the construction neftepere- 
gonnogo refinery in Khabarovsk (industrial development plan DVK “Ordzhenikidze 
-Voroshilova”), worked on the construction of aircraft factories in the 1940s 
near Kuibyshev (now Samara) later the area was named 
Aviagradom. Subsequently MA Mogilevkin Giproaviaprome worked in 
Mother – Mogilevkin Maria Stepanovna (1903 Lodz – Moscow, 1962), a medical 
worker. The daughter of an officer of the Russian army, a member of the First World War, 
the award of the George Cross gallantry.

Wife Galina Ripp (1924 Moscow – 2014, Moscow) – a career officer of the organization of Foreign Trade System. Daughter Ripp Janos (Ivan Osipovich) native of Komarno (then Austria-Hungary) and Motovilova Anna Ivanovna.


THEM. Mogilevkin graduated from high school in Moscow in 1944. with honors and enrolled in the Institute of Foreign Trade. In 1949 he graduated from the Institute of vnesheney trade with honors and was sent to work in the Foreign Trade System.

In 1949-1970h years. employee of the foreign trade organizations: Iransovtransa, Soyuzvneshtrans, Sovfrakht, Exportkhleb, including 1965-1968gg. Commissioner of the Trade Representation of the USSR in Cuba. 

In 1970-1975, the head of the Research Institute of conjuncture freight-sector “Soyuz-Morniiproekta” Morflot USSR. 

Since 1970 – the candidate of economic sciences.

In 1975, at the official request goes to work in the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, where he works now.

Since 1983 – Doctor of Economic Sciences.

Since 1988 – professor.

World War II veteran.