Ilya Mogilevkin MOISEEVICH  (IM Mogilevkin, Moguilevkin, Mogilyovkin)

  • Author of the “new paradigm of global development” to revoke the commentators of his work.
  •  He introduced the concept of ‘movement of global infrastructure. “
  •  He formulated the basics “Metastrategii” – a new science, which operates in three categories – space, time, and human factors (HF).

THEM. Mogilevkin published:

– A new theory (for transportation and communication) development of civilization;

– The doctrine of the “Global traffic infrastructure” , the system, which plays a key role in today’s economic and social progress;

– Metastrategiya, including :

  • Analysis of the underlying factors that determine the country’s interests and opportunities for the future;
  • Justification of the new methodology for developing a long term national policy with the introduction of the scientific revolution as a predictive velechiny major economic and political categories;
  • Presentation of ongoing tasks and practical recommendations.

 – The concept of active interaction between the real and virtual in public life.Theoretical and practical implications.

World War II veteran.